#1 Rubbish Removal Services

Junk King is committed to being the #1 rubbish removal service for Woollahra and the surrounding suburbs. We have built a team of drivers and loaders that live locally to the areas they work in. This gives us a huge advantage over other companies as our operators are highly attuned to the needs of our customers. They know how to drive around the area, especially during high traffic situations and can load their trucks from any location.

When you call Junk King for a booking, you’ll be offered a day and time that fits in with your current schedule. We’ll provide you with an over the phone quote so you have a good idea of what the final costs will be, we’ll confirm that quote with an onsite quote when we arrive (don't worry this is entirely obligation free!). Once you accept the quote, we’ll load all the rubbish onto our trucks and take it away. It’s that easy!

If you’re concerned about the environment, (and who isn’t?) Junk King has put in place a set of environmental and responsible waste management policies. Of these, the major one is that we’ll always select recycling as our first option for rubbish disposal.

Same Day Rubbish Removal in Woollahra

After booking in with Junk King and receiving your booking date, you can be certain that your rubbish will be removed on that day. At Junk King we know that in most cases when you have rubbish, it needs to be removed as quickly as possible, and that’s why we developed our same day collection services.

Rubbish removal can be a difficult problem, but at Junk King we are solving it for you. You won’t need to load skips yourself, or even have the rubbish waiting in an area out the front of your property (which looks especially awful if you’re trying to run a business). Call on us and we’ll get rid of it quickly and without any fuss. We’ll take care of your junk problems and you can keep working on more important matters.

Cheap Prices on Rubbish Removal in Woollahra

Like most things in life, price is a major concern and at Junk King we are dedicated to keeping our prices as low as possible. By using our reputation for delivering high volumes of clean junk for recycling and disposal we have negotiated a reduced fee with our partners. Recycling rubbish is one of the cheapest ways of disposing of rubbish, but it needs to be sorted and delivered to the right location.


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Rubbish Removal Near You

As we’re local in your area, we can provide exceptional service by being able to attend more sites. In some cases, our operators can be called on in an emergency situation. As our operators are on the road every day, they can rely on each other if they need extra help to get any job completed.

We have found that local operators care more about the area they work in and are attuned to the needs of local residents and businesses. They also have a greater affinity for the local environment and like to keep it looking as best as they can.

Responsible Waste Disposal

At Junk King we’re concerned with the environment and how we can best help to keep everything working as it should. We know that as a rubbish collection agency we are usually the last people to handle your rubbish. By using the tools available to us, we have made the decision to predominantly use recycling centres to dispose of most of the rubbish we collect. When using a recycling centre is not possible (e.g. heavily mixed contents or it’s unsuitable for recycling) then we will use a landfill site that shares our thinking.

All our trucks have been fitted with special equipment to stop any rubbish escaping during transport. This includes tie down straps, tarps and enclosures. All of this works together to keep rubbish contained.

In our opinion no other rubbish collection agency can compete with our prices, same day service, or our ethical disposal responsibilities for Woollahra. Call us today on 0410 808 723 to book in for your obligation free quote and see the difference!

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