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Same Day Rubbish Removal

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If you’ve got rubbish, then odds are you’re looking to get rid of it fast! At Junk King, we specialise in offering cheap rubbish removal for everyone. We take on all types of rubbish removal jobs and can have your home or business free from all the excess stuff you no longer want or need.

We aim to be the not just the cheapest but the fastest rubbish removal team operating in Australia. We have a team of experts who will visit your property and safely remove your rubbish. You can even use our same day rubbish removal service if you need your junk removed especially fast!

With our cheap rubbish removal service, you won’t need to have all the rubbish waiting out the front of your property (unless you want to), and you don’t need to lift anything yourself. Our team has all the gear to remove your rubbish safely (and conveniently). We’ve removed rubbish from hundreds of homes and businesses during our years of operation, and we can take care of all your rubbish problems.

What Type Of Rubbish Can Junk King Take?

One of the best things about hiring Junk King is we will take almost anything you have; the only limitation is hazardous waste (click here for a complete list). The team at Jink King is trained to sort rubbish into recyclable and non-recyclable and dispose of rubbish at the appropriate places.

Residential rubbish removal

Residential or household rubbish can be challenging to dispose of for most people. Although many councils will offer hard rubbish collection, these are only available at certain times of the year. Getting rid of the rubbish is a top priority for anyone looking to declutter their home. Waiting for hard rubbish collection is often not the best solution.

Commercial rubbish removal

Commercial rubbish includes any rubbish that is the result of running a business. Most businesses are not equipped to dispose of large volumes of rubbish, and they can easily be overwhelmed with excess materials. Again, our rubbish removal service for commercial businesses comes in at affordable rates.

The most common need for commercial rubbish collection is when you’re renovating your current premises or moving to a new location and require an end of lease rubbish removal service.

If you’d like more information about our cheap rubbish removal and what we can collect, please call our team on 0410 808 723 for a free estimate.

Book Your Cheap Rubbish Removal

Our experienced team is dedicated to providing best-in-class service. We operate in both Sydney and Melbourne, and are affordable. When you book in a time, we’ll be there as scheduled and give you a final quote after inspecting the rubbish. We keep our prices low by recycling as much rubbish as possible. The more recyclable rubbish you have, the cheaper your rubbish removal!

If you’re looking for cheap rubbish removal, your first call is to the team at Junk King. Call today!

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