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Junk King is committed to being the #1 rubbish removal service for Windsor and the surrounding suburbs. To become the best in the industry, you need to offer the best services, and this is where Junk King simply exceeds. All our collections are completed on the day of your booking. We'll arrive on time and hand load all your rubbish into our trucks; you don't even need to be there! We don't ask that you load up a skip or move all the rubbish to the front of your property. Moving rubbish is hard work (just ask our drivers!) It's time-consuming, and you can easily be injured if you don't have the right equipment. So, to get rid of any junk you have, give Junk King a call (0410 808 723), and we'll take care of all your rubbish problems!

Same Day Rubbish Removal in Windsor

Excess rubbish is usually a sign of something happening. For example, maybe you're cleaning up your home and getting it ready for sale, or perhaps you recently had renovations completed and the builders left behind a few extra items. By booking with a collection agency that includes a same day service, you can relax knowing that all your rubbish will be cleared out on that day. With some other services, you book in for a time, and they'll show up some time that week!

At Junk King, we have a fleet of smaller trucks, and these are dedicated to certain parts of the city, and which means they are more available. On the day of your booking, we'll arrive and give you an onsite quote (totally obligation-free), and if you're happy with the quote, we'll load all your stuff into our trucks and take it away to be responsibly processed.

Cheap Prices on Rubbish Removal in Windsor

Keeping prices low is a vital part of our business. For most collections, the highest cost is the disposal fee for your rubbish. However, as we ethically dispose of rubbish, we prefer to use recycling centres. Recycling is not only great for the environment, but they'll charge a lot less than other disposal sites (e.g., landfill). Provided your rubbish is reasonably clean, we can load our truck correctly to use the reduced rates at recycling centres. However, even if your junk is highly mixed and we need to use a landfill site, you'll still get a great deal. As we collect large quantities of rubbish, we've been able to negotiate a reduced rate on disposal. All of this leads up to a winning solution for our customers.


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Rubbish Removal Near You

At Junk King, because we have a large team of drivers, you can consider us the rubbish removal specialists near you. With our large fleet operated by local drivers, we can attend to more sites on any given day. Although our drivers are assigned to certain suburbs, they work together as a team and can call in for help if they are swamped. They can also request assistance if one job is taking longer than expected. By working together, our team can complete many more assignments daily. In addition, local drivers are the best for understanding the particular quirks of any suburb. They'll know the best way to navigate the streets when it is busy, and arrive at your door on time and ready to handle your rubbish!

Responsible Waste Disposal

Here at Junk King, we value the opinions of our customers, and we know that people are concerned with what happens to their rubbish. As stated previously, we have a preference for using recycling centres. Not only is it a great way to cut down on costs, but it reduces society's reliance on virgin products. Recycling is a significant part of the circular economy by taking your rubbish and converting it into new products. It is excellent from a commerce perspective, but recycling also heavily reduces the amount of waste in the environment. While recycling all products is not currently available (plastics are challenging), we'll sometimes need to use landfill sites. However, we only partner with those that share our vision of responsible waste disposal.

In our opinion, no other rubbish collection agency can compete with our prices, same day service, or our ethical disposal responsibilities for Windsor. So, call us today on 0410 808 723 to book in for your obligation free quote and see the difference!

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