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What We Can’t Take

There is always a lot of rubbish to remove when you move office.

You want us to take all of your junk, never to be seen again. We get it. Most of the time, we are absolutely the genies who can make that happen for you. However, in very limited sets of circumstances, we have to say no.

Unfortunately there are a handful of types of items which we simply can not take, as they are either environmentally hazardous to dispose of, or dangerous to our valuable team of professionals! We do our best to either take your waste off your hands, or point you in the right direction as to an alternative method.

Below are the types of rubbish that we typically can’t take. Of course, do get in touch to check, if you’re unsure how your junk would be classified.

Sorry, We Can’t Take:

Please Get In Touch With Our Team If You’re If You Have Any Questions About The Disposability Of Your Waste.

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