There’s Always a Lot of Junk When You Move Offices. Let Us Help You

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There’s Always a Lot of Junk When You Move Offices. Let Us Help You

Moving your office is a big deal. However, in some ways it is a good thing because if you are moving because you need more space, more staff, and so on, it means that your business is successful.There is always a lot of rubbish to remove when you move office. Nonetheless, it is just as stressful as moving home, if not more so. This is because when you move home you have plenty of time at your new home to sort everything out and unpack. When you move your business, it has to be done quickly. You need to get straight into your new premises and be up and running ASAP because you can’t leave your customers without the support they need. We know a good Sydney removalist company if you like; it’s a sister company to Junk King.

The very first thing to do when moving office is to get rid of all the rubbish – and there will be rubbish! But there is no point in paying a removal company to move things that you are only going to throw away when you get to the other end.

However, your employees may scream “it’s not my job.” And in fact, they have a point. It’s not exactly. But our experts are specialists in Sydney office clean outs because it is our business. It’s what we do.

You Have to Be Tough

When considering what to discard, you have to be tough with yourself. There is no point in taking something that you haven’t used for the last two years because it “might come in handy”. Trust us. It won’t. As office clean-outs specialists, we know. Printers that won’t print. Laptops that are still running Windows 8. If they are that old, it is time to upgrade them to the latest laptops that run Windows 11 and boot up in 10 seconds or less. (Yes, they really do. We know because we’ve got a couple ourselves). Aussies are a pack-rat people; but let’s throw away some useless rubbish, and we’re ecofriendly: we recycle everything we can.

We are also very fast. In most cases, we can provide you with same-day rubbish removal for office cleanouts. Our rubbish removal rates are cheap too. As specialists in rubbish removals here in NSW, we are involved in huge amounts of items that can only go to landfill. That said, we recycle everything that can possibly be recycled, but where it has to go to landfill, we have negotiated a special monthly rate with the site operators in Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne, and that means that we can pass on those savings to our clients.

But while your old laptop may be slow and past its’ best as far as you are concerned, we can often offer items like these to charities and poorer communities that don’t have huge budgets, so we recycle whatever we can, saving you even more money on your office clean out.

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