The Saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” May Just Be Rubbish

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The Saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” May Just Be Rubbish

It is a rather strange fact that as we go through life, we create rubbish. OK, we don’t set out to do so in many instances, but as time passes things can become older and are no longer useful or they are out of date and have to be replaced with the latest all-singing, all-dancing model.

One man’s rubbish: another man’s treasure? Or just junk? Ask a Sydney resident and find out.

But what do we do? Instead of chucking out the item we have replaced, we put it in the loft, or the shed, or the garage, “just in case”. Possibly the new one may go on the blink in which case we have always got the old one as a back-up. Of course, what happens is that the new one is perfectly fine, and so the old one lives its’ life away in the loft or the garage, forgotten, unused, and never to be used again! These things can stay there for decades, only to see the light of day once more when we cannot pack any more rubbish into the garage and the loft, so we have no alternative but to have that clear-out – 40 years later!

It is also said that one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure, and that may sometimes be true, but in most cases it’s just rubbish. We know. We’re the top-rated rubbish removal service in Sydney!

All The Other Rubbish

The of course, there is all the other rubbish. We have so many things today that come in huge mounds of packaging. Mentioning no names, but when did you last get a parcel from Amazon? It doesn’t matter what is in the parcel: it comes with a huge amount of packaging, which is, in fact, on the one hand a very good idea. It means that your product arrives in perfect condition because it has been so well protected.

However, on the other hand, the instant that you have managed to cut your way through all that cardboard and bubble wrap in order to get at your new toy/laptop/game controller/ or whatever, you are now left with a mound of cardboard and plastic and paper about two feet high and three feet wide which is nothing at all except rubbish. So now you have to get rid of it. You don’t want it in the house, after all.

So, it goes in the shed or the garage, and gets added to the next time you get an Amazon parcel. Very soon you can’t get into the shed.

This is why you need us at Junk King. We will take away all of the rubbish that you have accumulated over the course of a couple of years and leave you with a nice clean shed and empty loft.

So that, of course, you can start filling it with more rubbish!

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