Sydney Is a Big City And SYDNEY Residents Produce a Lot of Rubbish

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Sydney Is a Big City And SYDNEY Residents Produce a Lot of Rubbish

Sydney is a very large city, and it is ranked 56th largest in the world by way of population. It is not as big as Shanghai (24.153 million), Moscow, Delhi, New York City, or London, but it is larger than Los Angeles, Madrid, Nairobi, Rome, and Paris. The population of Sydney is 5.3 million. That is a lot of people, and between them they produce a lot of rubbish.

Sydney's residents produce a lot of rubbish

Of course, it is not just the residents of Sydney who produce rubbish that needs to be removed. Just about everyone does. Take buying stuff online, for instance, which more and more people are doing today, partly as a result of Covid. There cannot be a person alive who hasn’t bought something from Amazon. But just look at the packaging that those products come in!

Certainly, Amazon goes out of its’ way to protect the items that you buy but talk about overkill! Huge great cardboard boxes, and enough bubble wrap to carpet the floor of your living room and probably the kitchen as well. And the instant you have removed your item from it – assuming you can find it in there (!) – you have a pile of rubbish that you don’t want and didn’t order.

That’s why you need us at Junk King for rubbish removal in Sydney. We take away all of that stuff and leave you with space, rather than a mountain of junk.

It’s Not Only Amazon

But let’s be fair. It isn’t just Amazon who uses all that stuff. Other companies do too. Not only that, most of us accumulate stuff over the years that we really have no need for, but we tend to hang on to it “just in case”. For example, as I write this on my lovely new Lenovo laptop, I have to put my hands up and admit that I have still got the old Lenovo which was replaced with this one. I also have the Acer that I used before that – and the Acer before that, and the Acer before that! So, I have got five laptops, four of which I never use! Why? I don’t know. Probably because “just in case” my Lenovo breaks down I have a fallback. Four of them to be precise!

Of course, if I move home, I will probably have a good clear-out and get rid of them, using rubbish removal in Sydney, but meanwhile they sit in the corner of the spare room simply taking up space.

In fact, moving home is the time that a lot of people have a clear-out. They just don’t realize exactly how much junk they have until it is coming up to moving day. That’s as good a time as any for using our rubbish removal in Sydney at Junk King.

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