#1 Rubbish Removal Services

Junk King is committed to be the #1 rubbish removal service for Ryde and the surrounding suburbs. Our services cover all of Ryde, our operators are highly trained for the sorting and loading of all sorts of rubbish. There are a very few things that we cannot take away, but these are usually limited to hazardous waste that needs specialised care and equipment.

You can be certain that when you book in with the Junk King, that all your rubbish removal needs will be met. We’ll get stuck in any job and have it finished the same day that your booking is made. Our operators are fast at their work and will make sure the rubbish they collect is delivered to the right places. Our first option for disposal is always to recycle, not only is it better for the environment, but it helps keep costs lower, so you end up paying less. Call us now for bookings and quotes!

Same Day Rubbish Removal in Ryde

We know that most of our customers want their rubbish taken away as fast as possible, therefore we have a same day policy. When we arrive onsite, you’ll be offered a final quote (this is obligation free!) and when you accept, we’ll load our trucks immediately and take everything away.

We feel that keeping customers waiting around for different people or companies to collect your rubbish is necessary, and often frustrating. We have taken it onboard and make sure that your rubbish is a priority and taken care of on the day of your booking. We think it's the only way to operate, as it benefits both our customers and our operators.

Cheap Prices on Rubbish Removal in Ryde

At Junk King we are dedicated to offering our customers the lowest possible prices on rubbish removal. We can do this because of the way that we choose to dispose of your items. General rubbish disposal can be expensive, however that best way is with recycling, as that is relatively cheap by comparison.

By loading our trucks carefully, and sorting through the items we collect, often most of what we collect can be recycled. This relates to a lower fee for our customers. If, and it’s not often, we need to use a landfill site, we have negotiated cheaper prices due to the amount that we deliver on a monthly basis. We take this lower rate and apply to our customers, so everyone saves!


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Rubbish Removal Near You

All our rubbish removal services are available in Ryde and surrounding suburbs. We know that it can be difficult to manoeuvre around some tight streets and access may be limited to some residents and businesses. As we know this, we can send out the appropriate sized truck, to get the job done.

Our operatives have been specially trained in the correct driving techniques and are dedicated to loading trucks in an efficient manner, which means they’ll need to complete fewer trips to collect and dispose of any rubbish you have. In our experience most collection jobs only require one truck in attendance, but for larger jobs we’ll send out multiple trucks if required.

Responsible Waste Disposal

We have developed a set of environmental and ethical policies to deal with all the rubbish that we collect. At Junk King we see it as our responsibility and requirement to make sure that all the rubbish we collect does not add to the ongoing environmental problems.

A big part of this is to make sure that everything that can be recycled does. We don’t expect our customers to separate their rubbish (but it’s okay if you do!) as our operators are highly trained in knowing what goods need to go where. This is a big part of what we do and it’s just one way that makes us different to our competition.

With our ethical policies, same day service and cheaper prices, we feel that no other company comes close to what we can provide for the residents of Ryde. Call us today on 0410 808 723 to book in for your obligation free quote and see the difference!

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