Residents of Bondi Beach Are Trendy, but Still Produce Rubbish

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Residents of Bondi Beach Are Trendy, but Still Produce Rubbish

Rubbish removal isn’t exactly what you think about when you’re looking at Bondi Beach. It’s a super fun, super trendy part of Sydney. Who doesn’t like the “beach culture”? Bondi Beach residents produce rubbish like everyone else.

The beach itself is only just over half a mile long but is one of the most visited tourist spots in the country. In fact, over 2 million tourists visit Bondi Beach every year. If you want to go swimming, you should watch out for the yellow and red flags which show the safe areas. The southern end of the beach has a rip current which can catch swimmers unawares. There is a shark net for protection, and in the summer, you may catch sight of pods of whales and dolphins in the bay. Fairy penguins are sometimes seen swimming among surfers at the southern end of the beach. In fact, the word “bondi” is Aboriginal, and means “surf”.

The population of Bondi Beach is not huge, numbering just over 11,500 residents. Nonetheless, as with any other part of Sydney, they do manage to produce their fair share of rubbish, all of which has to go, at some point. This is something that we have said on many occasions, but the fact is that we all collect rubbish. We keep “stuff” that we may have replaced with the latest model. We buy something new and keep the packaging because we “might be able to use it for sending Christmas presents”.

But The “Stuff” Doesn’t Get Used

The problem is that it doesn’t happen. The “stuff” doesn’t get used. You wake up one Saturday morning and realize that your home is full of things that you’ll never use again, and so you need Bondi Beach rubbish removal.

You might have a business in Bondi Beach. Depending upon what sort of business it is, it can produce varying amounts of rubbish, some of which may be reusable for other purposes and some of which is of no use whatsoever. Whatever, the situation, you need us at Junk King for Bondi Beach rubbish removal.

One of the beauties of our service is that we are very aware of our environment, and so we will always endeavor to recycle anything at all that can be recycled. This means that we don’t send as much to landfill, and that saves us – and you – money. Unlike other services, we sort out the rubbish. Because we don’t send so much to landfill, we have an arrangement with the providers that means that we pay them a monthly fee, thus reducing our overheads, and at the same time reducing the cost to you.

So, if you need fast Bondi Beach rubbish removal, the same day, call us. We’re quick, we’re efficient – and we’re cheap!

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