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#1 Renovation Waste Removal & Disposal Services

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Renovating a home can be one of life’s great pleasures. Restoring an older home, or just updating your current residence, whatever the way you’re doing it, one thing can be certain, you’re going to produce a lot of mess and rubbish. This can be quite difficult to get rid of, especially if it is a mix of materials.

When you get Jukn King to take care of all your rubbish removal needs, we can sort through the problem and let you know how much the removal costs will be and then we’ll take it all away in the same day! This is perfect if you are going through your final clean, or if you are halfway through and just need to clear some free space for working.

We have dealt with many restorations and renovations and we are aware of the materials that most reno jobs need to have removed. We are able to quickly assess an area and get you a quick quote. We know that time is money and you’ll need everything to move fast and complete on time. When you book in with us you can choose a day that fits in with your schedule, perfect for when you are planning the renovation and you need to squeeze us in between other tradies.

While building material can be resistant to recycling, we are committed to our ethical disposal standards, and the majority of what we collect is sent off to our recycling partners. They are very well equipped to deal with most materials they receive from building sites and renovation jobs.

Having all of our rubbish removals taken care of in one visit can see you getting back on the tools and getting that huge project finished on time and within your budget. Don’t worry about that old oven or broken fridge, we’ll take care of that for you! Give us a call we are sure we won’t disappoint.

Same-Day Renovation Waste Removals

At Junk King when you book in a time for our collection professionals, they’ll arrive and offer you a final quote, this may be the same or different to the one you were given when you booked in. If you accept the quote, we will load everything onto our trucks and take it away from your site, leaving it free and clear of any rubbish or debris.

We feel that most of our clients prefer a same day service because once they have decided to get rid of a pile of renovation rubbish, they want it cleared as soon as possible. We are committed to meeting and exceeding our clients wishes.

Having everything taken care of in one day means that you’ll never need to wait around for your rubbish to be removed. It is the ultimate solution to your problems, booked in, and then gone!

Cheap Prices On Renovation Rubbish Removals

We are committed to being the cheapest rubbish removal business, we are achieving this in a variety of ways. We opt for recycling what we take away, as that is often free or at a greatly reduced disposal rate than landfill. If we are able to recycle a large quantity of your rubbish, then we do not need to apply excess charges for disposal. Some other companies charge a flat rate for disposal, but ours are calculated based on what we take.

Even if we need to send a portion of your rubbish to landfill, we have partnered with a site operator, and have negotiated a lower fee due to us having a good reputation and based on the quantities that we send to them. It is much lower than what a member of the public will pay, you can take advantage of this when you work with us to remove your renovation rubbish.

Renovation Rubbish Removals In Sydney, Melbourne And Canberra

By offering our service in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, we are covering the three main cities that are seeing a renovation resurgence. We are planning on extending our services out to other parts of Australia, but we need to build our contacts in these regions in order to offer the same level of service and pricing structure.

If you live in these cities we are able to attend to your property and take any rubbish away that you may have. We are committed to providing exceptional service and will make every assurance to give you what you need.

Responsible Renovation Waste Disposal

We believe that being an ethical company means, doing what you say you will, and not adding any problems to our environment. We understand that not everything needs to go to landfill sites, and we are committed to recycling as much as we can. However often landfill sites are in need of rubble, as this helps them in the final preparation stages of their business. Goog quality rubble is used as the final layer of a landfill site before turning into usable land, as this aids in the decomposition of all the materials underneath. So, even though some rubble will go into landfill it does have a good purpose.

Many other items can be reused, recycled, or upcycled. It may be hard to believe but there is a market for the materials used in older homes. This can be federation style renovations, trendy cafes going for the ‘industrial’ look, or artists who use reclaimed wood and glass in their works. We are in contact with a variety of businesses who specialise in these materials and are always looking for new and interesting items.

Unfortunately, not everything can be taken or recycled, but this is usually limited to a few hazardous products, for a full list you can see that on our website.

Why You Should Hire The Junk King To Collect Your Renovation Rubbish

We consider ourselves to be the premium waste removal company that specialises in renovation rubbish disposals in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. We will do the job on time and with ease.
We offer same-day, affordable & reliable rubbish removal. Call Us for a quote 0410 808 723.

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