Moving Home Is a Hassle, but Don’t Spend Good Money Moving Junk

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Moving Home Is a Hassle, but Don’t Spend Good Money Moving Junk

Organizing for a home move can be an absolute nightmare. In fact, it is a well-known fact that moving house in Sydney or any big city in Australia is one of the most stressful things – if not the most stressful – that anybody ever does.

moving furniture or even getting rubbish removal might be a good idea during a move.

It all starts off very well because you have researched the area that you want to live in; checked the schools for your kids; the shops are convenient; there is a river close by where you can walk your dog or even go for a swim; if you like going out for a drink, there are a couple of pubs close by – in fact, everything looks great.

Better still, you don’t pay the asking price, but you put in a lower offer. After a bit of haggling, the owner agrees a lower figure, and you sign on the dotted line.


Only now does all the hassle come in. You have to move in eight weeks. You haven’t sold your own home. It’s on the market, but you haven’t had an offer for the full price so now you are going to have to haggle – only this time you are on the losing side!

So, you agree a price – not happily – but at least you are somewhere near it.

Now You Need A Removal Company

Now you need to book a rubbish removal company to move all your worldly possessions. You have to write a list of all the things that you need to do in the next (now) six weeks, and you suddenly realise that the list is going to be very, very long indeed.

Apart from everything else – notifying doctors, school, family, friends, the electricity company, gas company, telephone company, local authority – you get the idea – you have so much “stuff” that you need to move to your new home.

Or do you?

Believe us, at Junk King we know only too well how this is one of the biggest, if not the biggest issues – of organizing for a home move.


Because if you have any sense, this is the time to get rid of all the tons of junk that you have collected over the last five, ten, twenty, (more?), years so that you don’t have to pay a removal company to move it, and then get rid of it after you have paid for it all to be moved!

What is the point of paying someone to move something and then getting rid of it afterwards?? And yet it happens all the time.

So, when you are organizing for a home move, one of the first things to do is to call us at Junk King and let us take away all that stuff that you will never, ever use again.

Yes, it can be tough making the decision, but far better than throwing money down the drain!

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