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#1 Mattress & Bed Removal & Disposal Services

Bondi Beach residents produce rubbish like everyone else.

In general your mattress should be replaced around every ten years, or sooner. After that amount of time it becomes a haven for all sorts of nasty elements. Not only that, but often the springs are worn and it isn’t giving you proper support and could be interrupting your sleep causing headaches and back problems.

However, usually the main problem people have that stops them from replacing their mattress and beds is the cost, whether it be financial or just time based. Often the usual methods of mattress and bed disposal take too long or involve a lengthy process that you’re just not in the mood to complete. When you hire a specialist removal service, the job is often completed on the same day.

Probably the worst thing about the choices you have in the disposal of a mattress is that it has to be placed outside, and you may need to wait for several days, or in some cases weeks for the service to come by and collect it! I don’t know about you but having my old mattress sitting outside my home is not something I’d want my neighbours to see!

With Junk King we specialise in same day service and you have a guarantee that we will be there when we say we will. You won’t need to have that mattress waiting for us, as our removal experts are able to take the mattress from your home and whisk it away as fast as possible.

While we can take your bed, don’t forget that we can take other rubbish as well, so if you have a new bed that was recently delivered, and you have been left with a large amount of packing material, we can take that as well. Just remember to mention it when you book, and we can quote for the whole package, afterall we are a full service rubbish removal company.

Same Day Mattress And Bed Removals

When people have decided that they don’t want a piece of furniture anymore, they usually want to get rid of it in the fastest possible way. This is why we offer same day pick-up and removal.

Beds and mattresses are quite cumbersome and depending on the internal structure of the mattress they can be especially difficult to move around your home. They flop over easily and are very heavy; moving them is one of the easiest ways to damage other items in your house.

As our service is a same day collection and removal, you wont need to worry about that old bed and mattress any longer. You can send it on it’s way and begin enjoying your new bed. After all isn’t that why you bought a new one? Forget about the old stuff and let us take it away for you.

Cheap Prices On Mattress & Bed Removal

A major part of our business model is to be the cheapest mattress and bed removalist company in Australia. We pride ourselves on finding new ways to make our service the best value for money.

We do this in a variety of ways, but the best way is how we dispose of your older items. It may involve recycling the mattress and bed frame. We believe that there are many options available instead of filling up landfill sites.

Mattress & Bed Removal In Sydney, Melbourne & Canberra

We have found that living in Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra your options for bed and mattress removal are fairly limited and this is why we chose to focus our services there. We are striving to make our service Australia wide, as we think that everyone should have access to a fast and reliable rubbish removal service.

We are working in all suburbs and city areas, and are able to do major removals from places such as nursing homes, hospitals and hotels. We can offer a quick service, even if it means repeated visits. If you require multiple beds being removed please make sure you mention it in your booking as we may need to use our larger trucks.

Responsible Mattress & Bed Disposal

We are determined to keep everything we collect out of landfill sites. In general there are many materials in a mattress that can be recycled. There is foam, bedding and metal and all of these can be recycled into newer products. Of course there are a few materials that are not able to be recycled, such as the liner. Mattresses are difficult to recycle as it can take some time to disassemble, but we are committed to our ethical targets and have partnered with several companies that specialise in recycling mattresses and other hard to process items.

Most bed frames are easily recycled as they are usually constructed from one or two different materials. The most common materials you will find in any bed frame is timber and metal. Metal is the easiest to recycle as it has been recycled for many years and the technology is well known. They can be melted down and made into new products.

The timber parts of a bed frame will usually be disassembled and have any screws or nails removed. Then it can be shredded and turned into mulch, or cut into new pieces and made into other furniture items. We have a long list of companies that need to source ‘distressed’ wood to make into many new items, the things that they make include: outdoor furniture, dog homes and pieces of art. Your bed frame could have a long and good existence as something completely different!

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