It’s Amazing the Junk That You Find When Moving Your Office

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It’s Amazing the Junk That You Find When Moving Your Office

If you need to move your office, it is usually a very good sign that your business is doing well and is only going to get better. After all, if you need to take on more office staff and you simply cannot cram another desk into your existing premises because you need more space, that’s great.You’ll be surprised at just how much junk you have when you move office. Check out an office rubbish removal or cleanout.

Yes, it can take some time to find the right premises, whether you are going to buy them or rent them, but once you have, then obviously you want to get moving as quickly as possible.

There is a whole list of jobs to do such as advising your customers of your new address, phone numbers, and so on, and also your suppliers. If you have to move to a different part of town, you may also have to let some staff members go if they can’t travel that far. That may be sad, but your business comes first.

Then you may want to purchase new desks, chairs, a printer, a copier, and so on, and of course, you have to arrange for all this to be delivered to the new office on the day you move in so that you don’t suffer disruption to your marketing and that you are up and running fast so that your customers hardly notice the difference.

Another Issue Regarding Commercial Rubbish Removal

There is another issue as well, and that is getting rid of all that rubbish. Oh yes. You would be amazed at the amount of junk the average business collects over a few years, and it all needs to be dumped. Cupboards full of old stationery, an old printer, broken chairs, the carpet, curtains, blinds – the list just goes on and on. And there is absolutely no point in taking it with you and then sorting it out afterward, so you need office rubbish clean-ups before you go.

That’s where we come in at Junk King. We carry out office rubbish clean-ups almost every week because it’s amazing just how much stuff people keep that they will never use again!

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all do it. You buy a new copier and think “well, we’ll just keep the old one in the cupboard in case the new one breaks down. Better safe than sorry”. But of course, the old copier never sees the light of day again until you come to move office!

Our office rubbish clean-ups service is quick and cheap. Usually, we can come the same day if you call us in the morning. So, as you wave bye-bye to your old office, you can also wave bye-bye to all your junk as well.

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