If You Need Rubbish Removed You Don’t Want a Company That Just Takes it Easy

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If You Need Rubbish Removed You Don’t Want a Company That Just Takes it Easy

Many of the rubbish removal companies in Sydney only want the easy jobs. They want you to sort it all out, put it out on the street, then all they’ve got to do is to load it on to the van, and they’re off. And they charge you an arm and a leg for the “service”.

Deceased estate

And here at Junk King we’ll put our hands up and tell you that we’ll take those jobs too. After all, why not? If you put it all out on the street and all we’ve got to do is load it on our van, that’s fine by us.

However, we will also happily undertake the more complex jobs such as deceased estate rubbish removal. It’s a fact that many of us – indeed probably all of us to some extent – collect a load of things during the course of our lives that we no longer use. However, we may keep them for sentimental reasons or just because they might come in useful again.

When we have been around on this planet for 70 or 80 years, we can collect quite a lot of these things, and this is what can make deceased estate rubbish removal more complicated. Some people will leave whole rooms full of things that they have collected over the years, and it all needs sorting out and removing. This is obviously the case when you need deceased estate rubbish removal because you are going to put the home on the market, or perhaps let it to renters. You want it all clean and hunky dory so that it will have an instant appeal.

An Ethical Company

At Junk King we specialise in clearing out homes full of unwanted items. We also take great care to recycle, or upcycle, anything and everything that we can, because we are an ethical company, and we don’t want to use landfill if we can possibly help it.

We also provide all customers with a same day service. When you have a load of junk that you want to get rid of, you want to get rid of it pronto. You don’t want to have it hanging around for a week or two, and this is certainly the case with a deceased estate. If you have inherited a property, you want to crack on and either sell it or rent it out as soon as you can.

All you need to do is to book a time for our operators to arrive. They will attend as requested and give you a quote. If you accept it (there is no obligation) we will get it all cleared out and leave your property empty.

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