If You Need Rubbish Removed From Your Office, We Recycle Whatever We Can

Junk King is the best rubbish removal service in Sydney. We provide same-day rubbish removal, commercial or business rubbish removal. Cheap rubbish removal near you

If You Need Rubbish Removed From Your Office, We Recycle Whatever We Can

As businesses in Sydney continue to expand post-Pandemic, it is often necessary for them to move to a larger office and take on more staff. The old one has just not got enough space any more. But, as with most people, we all collect things over the years that have not been used for ages but that we keep “just in case” or because “it might come in useful”. Of course, it won’t come in useful, but instead of dumping it there and then, we still keep it!Same day rubbish removal by Junk King.

It is only when it comes to moving home, or office, that we dig something out of a corner and say: “Oh, look. I didn’t know we’d still got that”! It’s been there for ages and has simply become office rubbish.

Anyhow, now is the time to get rid of all that office rubbish as you move to your new luxury office with so much more space, so it is time to call us at Junk King. We remove rubbish of all sorts from homes and offices in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

Of course, it makes sense to sort out what you don’t want or need to keep when moving to a new office, and get rid of it now, rather than paying to move everything and then realizing when you’ve moved that you still have things that you don’t need. Sure, sometimes it can be a bit of a wrench, but you have to take a logical view and get rid of the junk.

It May Not Be Junk to Them

But of course, what is junk to you may not be junk to others, and at Junk King we are as environmentally friendly and “green” as we can possibly be. We will take away all that office rubbish for you and then sort through it and recycle anything and everything that we possibly can. We service all of Sydney including key neighborhoods and nearby towns such as Bondi Beach, Gordon, and the Sydney CBD.

You might be getting rid of all those old chairs and desks, but they could be welcomed with open arms by a local charity or not for profit that needs them. So rather than dump them in landfill, which is expensive by the way, we will deliver them to people who need them. We are in contact with lots of charities and businesses who have a long list of items that they can either use themselves or donate to other organizations or individuals in need. We even offer rubbish removal for businesses, so-called “commercial rubbish removal.”

You may not be aware, but even your old computers and other electronic items can be useful. Many of them contain gold and other metals that can be stripped out and re-used or recycled.

So, when you want to get rid of all that office junk, call us at Junk King and let’s help those less fortunate and the environment at the same time.

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