Getting Rid of Rubbish Can Help to Keep Your Moving Costs Down

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Getting Rid of Rubbish Can Help to Keep Your Moving Costs Down

If you are moving home, whatever else you do, don’t make the biggest mistake of them all.

Keep moving costs down by getting rid of rubbish first.

What’s that?

Paying a removal firm or removalist to move a whole load of “stuff” that you think you ought to keep “just in case”.

It’s OK. We’ve all done it at one time or another. We collect things over the years, and we may not have used them for years, but we think that we really should keep them because they “may” come in useful. They won’t, of course, but we kid ourselves that they may, so we shouldn’t let them go.

But we’re pretty smart really. When moving to the new home we put labels on things, so things that are going in the kitchen have “kitchen” on them, things that are going into the main bedroom have “main bedroom” on, and so on. This tells the removal men which room something should go into so that it is all in the right place, and then all we have to do is to unpack it all. Simple.

Of course, the things that “may” come in useful are marked “spare bedroom”, “garden shed”, or perhaps “garage”.

It Sits There For Months

Non when we have moved in and unpacked everything it is all where we want it to be, with the notable exception of all the “stuff” that may be useful some time. And so there it all sits in its’ boxes until several months down the line when mum and pop are going to come and stay for a week, and we suddenly realise that we need to clear out the spare bedroom / garage / whatever.

It is at that point that we realise that we really do NOT need that spare kettle, and so what do we do? We make a pile of stuff and put it somewhere else and then we call in the rubbish removers for rubbish removal Sydney to take it all away so that mum and pop can use the spare bedroom for the week!

But what did we do? We paid the removal company to move that stuff that might come in handy but that we will never use again. How stupid can we get?

If you are moving home, the answer is to decide before moving that you are not going to use it, and so call in Junk King for rubbish removal Sydney. It is the same thing: you get rid of the rubbish. But by using us for rubbish removal Sydney before you go, you don’t finish up paying money for what is quite literally going to be nothing.

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