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#1 Computers, Monitors Removal & Disposal Services

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It was time for an upgrade they said, and your technicians came in and installed all your fancy new equipment. Everything is running perfectly, all the workers are happy with bigger monitors and faster computers and things are just flying along.

But, you’ve been left with a pile of old computers and flat screen monitors, that you can’t sell and the council wont pick up as a part of your regular service. The installers have put them all into a storage room and they look neat and tidy enough, but you are tired of looking at those dusty broken down machines. It’s a sign of the past and they need to go.

Hiring a specialist computer and monitor removalist is the key to your problems. With trucks operating in your area we are able to collect and remove your old and outdated systems and take them away, usually on that same day that you book it in!

Computers and monitors are notoriously difficult to get rid of after you’ve upgraded an office. While a few councils can offer recycling services, if you are lumbered with more than one unit it can be quite the challenge to get them all there.

We understand it, and that is why we developed our business structure to support other small business owners. You can book online and receive a general quote, when our computer and monitor removalist experts arrive they will give you a final no obligation estimate, and once it’s signed everything will be loaded on board and you never have to see that pile of dusty old computer equipment again.

Same Day Computers & Monitors Removal

When you want your old computers and monitors removed from your office space, ideally you want it completed as fast as possible. This is why we offer same day removals, we don’t feel that you should have to wait until your removal service is ready to take things away, we get stuck in and get the job done!

It’s with great pride that we arrive and take away items on the same day that you book them. Our booking site allows you to choose a particular day, but most places opt for the same day service, after all if you are thinking of getting your computers removed ideally you want it done as soon as possible.

Cheap Prices On Computer Removal

As a part of our business model we are offering what we feel is the cheapest and most affordable same day collection service in your city. We are constantly comparing ourselves to the competition to see what we can do better and how we can deliver that to you.

We are able to deliver cheaper prices because we negotiate with other businesses and formed an ongoing relationship so we are able to dispose of unwanted items for a cheaper price than most of our competition. We take these savings and pass them onto our clients.

When computers and monitors are removed properly and not thrown about, it is easier and cheaper to dispose of them. We take our time loading your old computers into our trucks and while this may seem counter productive, when it comes to disposal, it can be faster to unload as they have not been smashed to pieces.

Computer And Monitors Removals In Sydney, Melbourne & Canberra

If you live in Melbourne, Sydney or Canberra we are able to service your business, as these are our main areas of operations. We are an all city service operation, this means that all suburbs are covered, all you need to do is book in for a service request and we will take care of the rest.

We are continually expanding our operation, with the aim of being able to provide for all business in Australia, so we encourage you to come back often and check out our site for any new developments.

Responsible Computer And Monitor Disposal

Computers and monitors are considered hazardous waste by some companies, but we don’t see it that way, sure they need to be handled differently and may require more care. Especially if you have large flatscreen monitors, or older cathode ray tubes (not that we see many of those anymore!). This is why you need people that are expert at removing computers and their components. In order to be removed properly and with as little wastage as possible they need to be handled with care.

Even though many older computers are not worth much and they can be quite difficult to recycle, there are many companies that are seeking e-waste (electronic waste) and are focussed on keeping them out of landfill. Everything inside a computer can be recycled, but often the cost of dismantling them stops many companies from taking the time to do it properly. We have partnered with local businesses that specialise in taking apart computers for recycling purposes.

Depending on the specific components available in the computers you are disposing of they can be donated to communities. This can be TAFE’s looking for donor computers to dismantle and practise making repairs, or being sent overseas to poor communities, so school children have a functioning computer to learn with.

There are many options available for your old computers and monitors and we will exhaust all possible recycling options before taking that final step of permanent disposal.

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