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Bondi Rubbish Removal

Businesses need to get rid of rubbish.

Got rubbish? We’ll help you get rid of it. While Bondi is known for its beauty and tourism, we’re not hear “for fun.” We’re workers. What we really do is offer affordable – even cheap – rubbish removal in Bondi and environs (including, of course, Bondi Beach). Whether you’re renting a flat, own a home, or perhaps are a business owner in Bondi, you may have accumulated a lot of junk. Fortunately, we “love the work you hate.” Our team of rubbish removal experts can evaluate your situation, provide a free estimate, and even offer same-day rubbish removal in Sydney as well as in Bondi.

Our team can provide a free estimate over the phone. Or, if you prefer, we can come out and evaluate your rubbish removal project. We offer both same-day and longer time frames, and our costs are VERY competitive. We know what you want: cheap rubbish removal, and we can provide that. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Same Day Rubbish Removal in Bondi

Have you procrastinated? Waited till the last minute? Well, it happens. Don’t worry. We offer same-day rubbish removal in Bondi. We offer other more specific services such as “deceased estate” rubbish removal as well as office clean outs and business rubbish removal. Contact our team, today, for a free estimate and we can go over the specifics of your junk, trash, or rubbish removal project.

With Junk King you never have to wait, we will be there on the day of the booking, and after accepting the final quote, we will load the truck and take everything away from your building. We pride ourselves on being “on time” and “under budget.” We “love the work you hate.” So call us today for a rubbish removal estimate.

Cheap Rubbish Removal Bondi

We understand that having cheap prices for rubbish removal is a key factor for many businesses, and that is why we are committed to providing our clients with the cheapest rubbish removal service available today.

We have partnered with several disposal services in Sydney, Bondi, and nearby communities and negotiated cheaper prices on rubbish removal due to the volume of junk that we are able to deliver. Our first option is to recycle as much as we can as this is usually the cheaper option, and then we can pass these savings on to our clients.

Bondi Factoid

We’re proud to be residents of Sydney and we love the history of not just Sydney but surrounding areas. Here’s a fun factoid:

Today Bondi beach is host to almost 2 million international visitors every year! It’s strange to imagine that in the early 1800’s swimming in the ocean was illegal! However, by the early 1900’s swimming had become a popular pastime and became legalised.The iconic Bondi Beach Surf Pavilion was completed in 1929 and has since been home to Bondi surf sheds, kiosks, and shops. Today the iconic pavilion is home to one of our Between The Flags stores! We’ve accurately named this store “the Boatshed”. The Boatshed encapsulates the essence of Bondi’s rich history and surf club culture.

Source: https://betweentheflags.com.au/blog/a-brief-history-of-bondi-beach/

Rubbish Removal that is as Ecofriendly as Possible

We are committed to the environment. After all, Australia as a whole as well as Bondi and other communities in the Sydney Metro area enjoy a beautiful natural environment.

We’re in the trash and rubbish business, but we try to be as ecofriendly as possible. Recycling, for example, is a clear part of our strategy.

We always opt for recycling services over landfill, our operators are trained to detect what can be recycled and what cannot. By loading the trucks in a certain way, we can keep everything separated, which is key for the proper recycling of certain goods. Even though occasionally we need to take items to landfill we have partnered with businesses who share our environmental stance.

We don’t believe there is another rubbish removal company operating in Bondi that offers that same level of service and follows ethical guidelines, with a same day service, all while offering the cheapest prices possible!

Call us today on 0410 808 723, and get your obligation free quote secured, we know you’ll be surprised by what we can do for you!

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