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What to do with Unwanted Furniture


What to do with Unwanted Furniture

Furniture is a common item in almost every household. Furniture comprises of so many things. Wooden seats, cupboards, stools, and wooden tables are all considered furniture. All in all, as time goes by, they are prone to get damaged or get old. This may then make you want to get rid of them in any way possible. “Any way possible” in this case may not be appropriate. There is a systematic way of disposing of unwanted furniture, and we will highlight them. 

Here are some of the ways you can use to get rid of unwanted furniture.

  • Selling Online

The technological world has come with numerous benefits. One of them is to make things much easier, like business transactions. With this, you can now buy/sell items online without any hassle. If you want to get rid of your furniture, Shopify would be a great place to start. The service is a wide market place for buying and selling different items. One of the items that can be sold through Shopify is furniture.

All you have to do is post a photo of the item, write a description, and follow two or three more steps. Once you are done, upload. If there is an interested buyer, you will get a notification on your account. From there, it is all on you to make a sale and complete the transaction. When using such services/websites, however, it is better to post more than one photo. 

This helps the prospective buyer get a better view of the item. It also helps the prospective buyer believe that the item actually exists.

  • Make New Items

There are amazing things that you can do with a piece of wood you no longer use. The only limit is your imaginations. For instance, if you have wooden pellets, you can break them down and make something new. One of the items that can be made is a bookshelf. If you are a book lover, then you will like this. 

All you have to do is cut the two bottom pieces of wood from the pellet. You then attach them at the upper end and the other at the lower end so that the books do not fall. Once this is done, you have a bookshelf. You can paint it or use it the way it is.

Wooden pallets are not the only pieces of furniture that can be repurposed. You can also change your old cupboard into a shop sign. All you need to do is break down the pieces of wood used to make the cupboard. As you do this, make sure you set aside a large piece where your writings will go. The other pieces will be used to make the border and the stand. You can then decorate it however you want. You can even add some paint; the choice is all yours. 

  • Donation Pickups

Donating is another impressive way of getting rid of unwanted furniture. There are people who do not have chairs to sit on, nor do they have beds to sleep on. Donating that bed, you see as small, could go a long way in changing someone’s life. In case you do not know where you can donate, you can search the web. There are high chances that there is at least a church or community centre near you. Such institutions are always willing to take in more items and give out to the needy.

  • Disposing of Unwanted Furniture Through a Rubbish Removal Company

There are companies that collect and dispose of rubbish. At times they recycle these items if there is a possibility of doing so. If you want to get rid of your furniture, you can contact such companies. They will make arrangements to come to pick up the items and dispose of it for you at a fee. 

You do not have to struggle with anything. In fact, if the item is bulky, the officials will come and take it from the storage area themselves. They will then load it onto the truck and take care of everything after that. 


You can get rid of unwanted furniture by selling them online. Through this, buyers get in touch with you easily, and you can then set the necessary arrangements. You can also donate unwanted furniture or make amazing new items. 

Hiring the services of Junk King is also a great way of getting rid of unwanted furniture. You can contact us via phone on 0410 808 723. Once you get in touch with us, our officials will set everything up, and you will get amazing services.