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#1 Storage Unit Rubbish Removal & Disposal

Baulkham Hills Rubbish Removal

Storage units start out with good intentions, but often they and self-storage facilities can become a wasteland of forgotten objects – whether they be personal or business related. Inevitably with time, we come to realise that the possessions we have stored in those units have become nothing more than junk. We forget what’s even in there! And we certainly don’t struggle to live without whatever is in there for months or even years. Then we come to the unfortunate realisation that ongoing storage costs a significant amount of money – easily costing you $1,000 and much more over the course of a year. Delaying the inevitable clear-out of storage units is a common and costly problem. Most people just don’t want to deal with it and it gets pushed down the to-do list week after week and month after month. But that’s where we come in.

We provide the #1 Storage Unit Rubbish Removal & Disposal service in Australia! Junk King is here to save you the monthly fees that come with ignoring the problem and the effort needed to fix it. Our team will clear out your storage unit cost-effectively, efficiently and with our enduring professional approach. Whether you’ve accumulated old clothing, unneeded documents, furniture, children’s toys, ancient leisure equipment like bicycles and pool gear or virtually anything else, we are the team to turn your waste problem into a distant memory.

We offer same-day, affordable & reliable waste removal. Call us for a quote at 0410 808 723 or read on below to find out why we’re the #1 storage unit removals and disposal company in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Same-Day Storage Unit Rubbish Removals

Is it the last day before your storage unit provider charges you for another month or year of rent? Worry not! We offer same-day storage unit rubbish removals so that you won’t spend another needless dollar on useless storage costs. While some removalists struggle to book you in on the same week that you call to make an appointment, we’re easily able to offer you same-day service so that you can put your money to use elsewhere where it will actually impact your life for the better. Once you call us to set up an appointment, we’ll arrive exactly at the time you designate to perform your same-day storage unit rubbish removal. Is your storage unit located somewhere far away and inconvenient from your home or place of work? You don’t even have to meet us there for us to complete the job. Simply provide directions for entry and we’ll let you know once it’s complete. For more information about working with us, visit our FAQ.

Cheap Prices on Storage Unit Removals

You’re looking to save money on your storage unit costs so it only makes sense that you’re looking to save money on your storage unit removal as well. That’s why we offer you cheap prices on storage unit removals. Here’s how:

  • We’ve built Junk King’s business to move as smoothly as possible. Streamlining our business means that we are able to create opportunities for cost savings, and we pass those savings onto our customers.
  • We value transparency. We will provide you a quote before we come to your location and an estimate before we begin work so that everyone is on the same page regarding cost.
  • Our service is obligation free – if you change your mind, you don’t pay.
  • Because we’re able to provide cheap prices on storage unit removals, you have the freedom to spend your money elsewhere.


Please contact us for more information about what we take and why we’re the #1 storage unit removals and disposal company in Australia.

Storage Unit Rubbish Removals in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra

Storage units are often located far outside the CBD or city center. They also may be located far away from your home or place of business. Not all removalist companies will service these areas because they are too far away, but we put our customers first. So that means that we offer storage unit rubbish removals in every suburb of Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. No matter where or how far your storage unit is located, we’ll be there to assist you with your removal exactly when and where you need it.

Responsible Waste Disposal

Most removalist companies will take your waste and move it directly to a landfill. Not Junk King. We care about the planet and we know that you do too, so we make every effort to ensure that we practice responsible waste disposal. Many items in your unit that are made of wood, plastic and other recyclable materials can be recycled and reused for other purposes. We make sure that we do this wherever possible. If some materials in your storage unit are not able to be recycled, we use our industry knowledge to ensure it is disposed of in a way that least affects the health of the environment. Book an appointment with us today to discuss how you can practice responsible waste disposal.


Whether you need to get rid of old furniture, tools, appliances, or more, we deliver what our competitors won’t:

  • Same-Day Storage Unit Rubbish Removals: Don’t spend another dollar on monthly storage fees. We’ll remove your waste the same day you call us.
  • Cheap Prices on Storage Unit Removals: When you’re trying to make a cost conscious decision by getting rid of your monthly storage fees, don’t overspend on your storage unit removal.
  • Storage Unit Rubbish Removals in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra: We know storage units are often located far away – that’s no problem when you use Junk King.
  • Responsible Waste Disposal: We like to help the planet almost as much as we like helping you.


Take the first step to that much-needed storage unit clear out. Get in touch with us for an obligation free estimate and a visit from our professionals to end the unnecessary storage fees. Call us for a quote on 0410 808 723!

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