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#1 Spring Cleaning Waste Removal & Disposal Services

We Serve all areas of Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne

#1 Spring Cleaning Waste Removal & Disposal Services

Bondi Beach Rubbish Removal

Spring cleaning is a job that no one likes and often has the effect of creating a lot of spring cleaning waste. Nothing is worse than having a good clear out and not being able to get rid of the rubbish. It almost makes the cleaning worthless, but it needs to get done, you don’t want to have guests around with huge piles of rubbish sitting by the door!

The best option for getting rid of spring cleaning waste is to book in a time to have it assessed with Junk King. We can drop by on a predetermined day and give you a final quote on how much it will cost to remove the waste from your property, all of this at zero cost to you. We only charge if you’re happy with the quote.

You’ve done all the hard work, of deciding what items need to go, now let us take care of the rubbish. Then you can feel free to return home and reflect on how clean it looks.

Same Day Spring Cleaning Rubbish Removals

After you’ve cleared out your home of all the unwanted stuff you have collected, the last thing you need is for it to be hanging around and collecting other items on your front nature strip. We’ve seen it plenty of times, a small pile becomes bigger over time as you friendly neighbours like to add things.

This is a part of the reason that we offer a same day service. You can book in a time that suits and when we arrive we’ll give you an obligation free quote, and after you accept it, we’ll load the truck on the spot! No fear of more items being added and costing you more later, it’s the perfect solution.

We are committed to our service, and offering a same day collection is a huge part of us being the best in rubbish collection. We don’t believe people should be left wondering when the truck is going to be there. We’ll get in and clear everything out as fast as possible, and then you can return to your home happy and content knowing that all your problems (well rubbish problems) have been solved.

Cheap Prices on Spring Cleaning Removals

We are committed to providing our clients with the cheapest prices for spring cleaning removals. We can do this in a variety of ways, but the most common is our working relationship with disposal site operators. We have partnered with recyclers and landfill operators and negotiated cheaper rates for disposals due to the volume we deliver.

In general recycling is the cheaper option, and we will assess any junk to find out what can be recycled and what cannot, this process allows us to offer tailored disposal rates, instead of a one price for all that many of our competitors offer. We take the time to give you a quote that accurately represents what you need to dispose of. We are committed to our policy of being the cheapest junk removal company.

By working with our partners we can offer a high quality service for a low price. We have noticed that many operators are not doing this and we feel that this is not the way to run a business. Our prices are kept low due to our negotiating power and we aim to offer those cheaper prices to our clients, it’s all a win win solution!

Spring Cleaning Junk Removals in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra

We service all areas of Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. We have the knowledge to move around these cities swiftly and with care. Our trucks are more than capable of attending your site and collecting all of your rubbish and other items.

In the future we have planned expansion, but it requires building a good working relationship with recyclers and landfill operators, to offer the prices that we can. We are committed to being the cheapest junk removalist in the country!

When you book in with us you’ll see our high levels of customer service and how we are able to attend your site on the day that you booked. We are sure that you’ll see our services as something you’ll take advantage time and time again!

Responsible Waste Disposal

Our environmental and ethical waste disposal policies mean that we are dedicated to the correct and proper disposal of anything we collect. We’ll make every effort to dispose of items in an ethical and eco-friendly manner. This usually means separating what we collect and delivering it to the right places.

When we load our trucks, we take note of what can be recycled and what cannot. You might be surprised by what items can be reused and made into something new. All of our operators are highly trained and know how to sort everything properly to get the most delivered to our recycling partners.

As a business that is directly involved with rubbish, we are acutely aware of how people impact the environment and we have made it our duty to assist in any way we can for the preservation and protection of our home. Rubbish removal is an important part of any society and we must all do our bit to make sure everything is working as it should.

Why You Should Hire the Junk King to Collect Your Spring Cleaning Waste

We consider ourselves to be the premium waste removal company that specialises in spring cleaning waste disposals in Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra. We will do the job on time and with ease.

We offer same-day, affordable & reliable rubbish removal. Call Us for a quote 0410 808 723.

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