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Rubbish Segregation 101: What to Do Before the Rubbish Removal Company Arrives

segregate rubbish

Rubbish Segregation 101: What to Do Before the Rubbish Removal Company Arrives

People are slowly embracing rubbish removal companies. This is because of the numerous advantages and benefits that come with them. One of them is that experts take care of your waste disposal needs. 

Although they are highly skilled, you can do some little things as preparation before they arrive. One thing you can do is segregating the rubbish as it would go a long way in easing and speeding up the collection process. 

So what is Rubbish Segregation? This question is what we are going to tackle. We are even going to show you how to segregate rubbish.

What is Rubbish Segregation?

To understand segregation, you need to know there are different categories of rubbish. However, here we are going to focus on two categories. 

These categories are dry waste and wet waste. Dry waste is any rubbish that can be stored/kept for a long period of time without decomposing. Example of dry waste are things like plastic, paper, wood, and Styrofoam

Wet waste, on the other hand, includes things that can decompose easily or after a short period of time. Examples are eggshells, bones, tea leaves, potato peelings, and even cooked food. The best way to understand wet waste is to look at them as items that are widely used in composts.

How to Segregate Waste 


  • Keep Different Clearly Labeled Rubbish Containers 


To separate dry and wet waste, you need two different containers. One of these containers you will place a clear label stating “wet waste.” The other container’s label would be “dry waste.” It is these containers that you will place the respective types of waste. The labels will help in avoiding a lot of confusion. They will also come in handy when you have visitors, and they do not know where to put any of these wastes.


  • Have Two Containers For Dry Waste


Dry waste should again be divided into two parts. You will then need two different containers. One container should be where you place plastic and paper waste. The other one is where you place other household wastes. This is because plastic and paper are sometimes handled differently from other wastes. 

Make sure you also label these containers properly to avoid confusion.


  • Establish Two Different Collection Points


Now the final part is during collection. It would be a disaster that after all this, the wastes are mixed up during collection. Therefore, make sure that you have two separate collection points. You can then talk to your rubbish removal company about these points. 

This will create awareness and ensure that they do not mix things up.

Benefits of Waste Segregation


  • To Ease The Different Process Applied to the Waste


As earlier stated, there are different types of wastes. This then means they are eliminated differently. Food refuse, for instance, is usually decomposed and used to make compost manure. Glass pieces, on the other hand, can easily be recycled and made into something new. 

For this to take place, you need to segregate them. This will allow the different [processes to be applied with ease.


  • To Reduce the Amount of Waste in Landfills


Australia produces about 12.4 million tonnes of waste every year. A huge chunk of this waste is pushed to landfills. This then leads to increased rates of pollution and this is just one country. If you look at pollution on a global scale, the statistics are worrying. Basically, as human beings, we are quickly destroying our planet. That is why we need to do everything possible to reduce the rate of this destruction. 

A good way of doing this is by reducing the amount of waste dumped in landfills. What better way to implement this strategy than to segregate waste. When properly done, waste in landfills will reduce significantly.


Segregation, although unknown to or less practised by many, is a great way of making our world greener. It involves separating dry waste from wet waste. By collecting them separately, rubbish companies can then eliminate or upcycle them properly? You might have heard this technique and would like to implement it, but you are new to all of this. Do not worry. Junk King can take care of all your waste needs. Just call us on 041080 8723.