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The R’s of Recycling You Should Not Forget

Front view of a young African American man standing in a field wearing a hi-vis vest and gloves, writing on a clipboard and smiling to camera, while a diverse group of volunteers collect rubbish and recycling in the background

The R’s of Recycling You Should Not Forget

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As we all know, we have a menace of environmental pollution in every part of the world. If we are to put this in figures, you will see that we are in a very worrying state as a planet. Let us take Australia, for example. According to studies, 40% of the waste produced in Australia is deposited in landfills. These numbers are scary. That is why people should adopt alternative waste disposal methods. One of these ways is recycling. We know because as one of the top-rated rubbish removal services in Sydney, we see a lot of rubbish!


To make everyone understand, experts have developed five key pointers. These pointers are referred to as the 5 Rs of recycling. So exactly what are these pointers? That is what we are going to discuss.


  • Reuse


The first “R” we are going to discuss is reuse. Just as the name suggests, it involves using or consuming an item more than once. This takes away the trend of throwing away items and buying new ones every single time. A good example of reusing items is the plastic container in which you ordered food comes in. After you are through with the food, you can wash it and store it. When you need to carry food to the office, you can always use it. The same applies to water you buy in plastic bottles.


  • Repurpose


The second “R” we have here is repurposing. Some people might actually confuse reusing and repurposing. As earlier stated, reusing is about using an item multiple times. When it comes to repurposing, it involves more crafty ways of putting an item into use again. Most of the time, it serves a purpose far beyond what it was intended to do.

A good example of repurposing is old/spoilt compact disks (CDs). CDs are meant to be watched through a DVD machine. Once it is spoiled, it can longer play its role. That is where repurposing comes in. You can find creative ways of putting it into use again one way or another. A nice way of doing this is by making art pieces using CDs. When used correctly, they can add a spectacular touch to an art piece.


  • Reduce


Another “R” of recycling that you should not forget is “reduce.” Reducing means taking measures to ensure that we produce as little waste as possible. This particular “R” is supposed to start in each and every person’s home. One way of reducing waste at home is by making a meal plan. 

According to statistics, Australians produce five million tons of food waste a year. This can be significantly reduced by making a plan. This will dictate the amounts of food they will buy, and much more. The mathematics behind all of this will really help.


  • Repair


Sometimes, it is good to try and fix items before deciding to throw them out. That is what repair is all about. Let us say you have a torn dress.  Before you get rid of it, find a tailor to mend it. The tailor will properly fix the affected area, and you can wear it again. The same goes for any other item, not just clothes. Whether it is a radio set, a chair, shoes, or anything else, try to repair it first.


  • Refuse


Refuse is all about stopping the menace before it even begins. Basically, refusing involves not purchasing or using items that harm the environment. Specifically, we are talking about items that are overly packaged or disposable. Of course, we cannot forget the ones that can only be used once. Some examples of such items are plastic cutlery, napkins, and disposable drinking cups.

By doing so, we will have less waste being thrown out, and we will use fewer resources. We cannot forget the fact that we will be actively advocating for change. The demand change will be directed mostly on manufacturers of such items. In essence, they will know that people are serious about only using eco-friendly items. In turn, they will have to change and start producing environmentally friendly items.


It is important for all of us to know all of these 5 Rs of recycling and implement them. This is because fighting pollution is a collaborative effort between everyone. When we say everyone, we also mean various industry stakeholders. Rubbish companies are the people we are talking about here. Their roles are very important. 

That is why it is vital to involve industry experts like Junk King. Here at Junk King, we are conversant with the 5 Rs of recycling and usually follow them to the letter. This we do by providing excellent rubbish collection and removal services. To get our services, all you have to do is give us a call on (04) 1080 8723.