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#1 Plastic Waste Removal & Disposal Services

We Serve all areas of Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne

#1 Plastic Waste Removal & Disposal Services

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Most businesses are stuck with the challenge of disposing of high volumes of plastic rubbish. This is usually in the form of plastic pallet wrapping, or the use of excessive packaging as delivered by your supplier or in the manufacturing process.

Almost all businesses need to deal with plastic rubbish, it might be drums that stored food products, or old cable reels, or other packaging materials. All of these can be bulky and not easily disposed of, especially when their use is at an end. Most of the time they cannot fit into bins or perhaps, like us, you don’t want these products being mishandled and ending up in landfill sites.

We are committed to helping businesses dispose of their excess plastic rubbish in an ethical manner. Allowing plastic rubbish to accumulate can have a negative effect on your business, especially in this climate of consumer awareness. It has never been more important to be doing the right thing! People are more than willing to vote with their feet against anyone seen to be doing something that is not environmentally friendly.

With the current climate most of us are aware of how difficult plastic can be to remove, it needs to be secured properly and not all of it can be recycled. If you have large quantities of plastic that needs to be removed, give Junk King a call and we can sort it out for you!

Same-Day Plastic Waste Removals

We are committed to providing the best service we can, and a part of this is offering a same day service. We have found that most people and companies want any rubbish collected and removed in the fastest way possible. We have taken this to heart and made it a core point of difference for our business.

When you book in and organise a collection date, we’ll arrive on time and assess the rubbish to be removed and offer you a final quote, when you accept the quote, we’ll get started loading the rubbish immediately and take it away when we are finished.

Having your rubbish removed that same day means that you are free to get everything back to normal as fast as possible, as you’re not waiting around for another day or two. We are experts at what we do and we work fast.

Plastic rubbish is something that you just don’t need to be hanging around your business and the sooner you get rid of it the better. It can be a hazard for your workers, as its’ easily slipped on and tripped over. Not to mention the fines associated with having bins exposed and plastic being blown all over the place.

Cheap Prices on Plastic Rubbish Removals

A big part of our customer satisfaction rules is to be the cheapest rubbish removal company. A part of this is finding the most cost effective ways of disposing of your rubbish, all while committing to our ethical targets.

For plastic waste, most of it can be recycled, but it requires careful sorting to make sure that nothing is contaminated, which can disqualify it from being recycled. For any products that can’t be recycled, and unfortunately with plastic this can be quite a lot, we have partnered with many disposal companies to take care of the waste products.

The disposal partners we have selected share our vision of ethical plastic containment, and they have the technology available to keep that rubbish out of our environment.

We have been able to negotiate lower fees as our dumpage rates are substantial and discounts are applied to high volumes. We have a solid working partnership and are able to pass on savings to our clients.

Plastic Rubbish Removals in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra

Our services are available to all residents and businesses in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. If you live in these cities and have high amounts of plastic rubbish that needs to be collected and disposed of, please feel free to book in for an assessment and quote. All quotes are obligation free!

While we are seeking to expand our business to meet the needs of all states and cities, it takes time to investigate and set up our recycling partners. If you live outside these areas please get in contact, we can help you out by pointing you in the right direction.

Responsible Plastic Waste Disposal

We have ethical standards, and a big part of this is making sure that we do not contribute to the problems caused by rubbish, and in particular plastic rubbish. Our trucks are secured to make sure that loose plastic does not escape and accidentally enter the waterways, where it can cause damage to our environment.

We go to great lengths to recycle where we can, this may include using recycling facilities and visiting different sites based on what we are disposing of. We will use landfill sites as only a last resort and we choose the site that has a good record of ethical disposal practises.

Most plastic and plastic products can be recycled, this process usually happens by reducing the plastics to small pellets and then melting them to form into new products. However this process is usually limited to hard and uncoloured plastics.

We are happy to work alongside government guidelines for the correct disposal procedures for the disposal of lightweight plastic products. These can be very difficult to dispose of, but some companies are experimenting with compressing these into ‘bricks’ to make recycled home building products.

Why You Should Hire the Junk King to Collect Your Plastic Waste

We consider ourselves to be the premium waste removal company that specialises in plastic waste disposals in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. We will do the job on time and with ease.

We offer same-day, affordable & reliable rubbish removal. Call Us for a quote 0410 808 723.

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