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#1 Cardboard, Newspaper & Document Disposal Services

We Serve all areas of Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne

#1 Cardboard, Newspaper & Document Disposal Services

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Cardboard, newspaper and other documents can be reasonably easy to dispose of, unless you are lumbered with large quantities, then it can become a huge pain! We have been helping businesses remove excessive amounts of paper products for many years. We have worked consistently in meeting the demands of document disposals.

Sensitive documents need to be handled differently. Generally many companies do not want this sort of information leaked to the public, so they require proper disposal that means nothing will be recovered. We understand this need and are able to destroy any documents before taking it away to be processed in a recycling facility.

If you have ordered some new furniture, or recently moved home or into a new office. There is a big possibility that you are overburdened with excessive amounts of cardboard, and often it can be difficult to get rid of, that recycle bin is not really set up for large amounts of waste, and perhaps you lack the means of taking it to a recycling centre.

Perhaps someone you know has been collecting newspapers for many years and they are at a point where these are affecting their personal life. Big collections of paper products need to be removed as often they are a breeding ground for pests and can be a fire hazard. We can attend your home or work site and clear away the mess that has been collected over many years.

You can book in a time for one of our team members to take a look at your problem, and after you sign off on the final quote, we will clean everything up and take it all away to a processing centre. Most of the time paper and cardboard can be recycled quite easily, but that is dependent on how clean it is. If it’s contaminated sometimes it will need to go to a landfill site, but usually it breaks down easily so its impact on the environment will be minimal.

Same Day Cardboard, Newspaper & Document Disposal

We believe in getting the job done as fast as possible. We know that many of our clients want their rubbish removed as fast as possible, and this is something we are committed to. Our service is offered as a same-day service, this means that when you get the final removal quote, we will take everything away that day – there is no need to wait around for another truck to visit.

When it comes to document disposal, we know that having these taken away can be quite time sensitive, perhaps you are coming up to the next financial period and you need to make room for more paperwork, and that older stuff can be disposed of. When you call us, or book in a time, we can be there quickly and take it all away in the same day – you’ll never need to worry again.

Cheap Prices on Cardboard, Newspaper & Document Disposal

As a business we are committed to finding the cheapest prices available and beating them. We are able to do this in a variety of ways, by using recycling centres and negotiating lower dumpage fees with landfill operators.

By taking in bulk items and having a reputation of delivering clean content our fees are lower for many recycling centres. This means that we are able to pass these savings onto our clients.

Even though most paper items can be recycled, there are times when this is not possible, such as if it is wet, or contaminated with other products (contamination can occur when it’s mixed with food items, contains too much plastic, or has been waxed) . In these instances it will most likely need to be taken to a landfill site. But with our landfill contacts we are still able to offer cheap prices on disposals.

Cardboard, Newspaper and Document Disposal in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra

Our services are available in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne. We are able to attend all businesses and homes in these cities and have an active working relationship with many disposal sites in the area.

We are seeking to expand our coverage, but for the moment we have found that these three cities are in the greatest need for our services. If you are from outside these areas, you are more than happy to contact us and we’ll let you know if we are expanding into your area soon.

We are sure that once you try our services you’ll be happy to continue to work with us for many years. We are a clean operation, we work fast  and we know our way around these cities.

Responsible Cardboard, Newspaper & Document Disposal

We are concerned with the environment and are committed to our social responsibility in safe and ethical disposal of everything we collect. We go to great lengths to make sure that everything is treated with the respect it deserves.

When we load our trucks, everything is separated into different sections and this makes it easier to unload when we get to the recycling centres. Most people aren’t aware that it’s best to load cardboard and paper in different piles as these are recycled in different ways. Cardboard usually has a higher plastic content, with tapes and other elements, so it gets treated differently at the centre.

Most of the time sensitive documents need to be shredded first and we keep these spirited from other items as it needs to go to a diffenter business before being recycled. Keeping these documents away from other paper items is key for an easy flowing service, if everything got jumbled we’d be there all day sorting it out!

Why You Should Hire the Junk King to Collect Your Cardboard, Newspapers & Documents

We consider ourselves to be the premium waste removal company that specialises in cardboard, newspaper & document disposals in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. We will do the job on time and with ease.

We offer same-day, affordable & reliable rubbish removal. Call Us for a quote 0410 808 723.

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