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Rubbish Removal: Manly Same-Day Rubbish Removal

Sydney’s Inner West Rubbish Removal

Junk King is committed to be the #1 rubbish removal service for Manly and the surrounding suburbs. We take pride in our work and evaluate our services regularly to see if anything can be improved upon. Our operators and collection experts are trained thoroughly so they’re able to ascertain what rubbish can be collected and disposed of in the proper manner. We are focussed on being the cheapest option for rubbish removal and are consistent in our environmental responsibilities.

You can be certain that your rubbish will not impact our environment and that all your rubbish removal needs are going to be met when you contract Junk King. You can book in for a quote any time, and our operators will be ready and willing to take the rubbish away from your premises.

Same Day Rubbish Removal in Manly

When you book in with us, you’ll be offered a date and time, based on your requirements, and our trucks will be there on time to evaluate the rubbish to be collected. You’ll then be offered a final quote for removal, which is usually based on volume and rubbish type, after you accept the quote, we’ll load the trucks and take the rubbish away on the spot!

At Junk King we believe that when you want rubbish removed you want it done as fast as possible and therefore, we developed the same day removal service.

Cheap Prices on Rubbish Removal in Manly

We are proud to offer our clients the cheapest possible prices for rubbish removal. By structuring our business around what services and prices we can offer, it has led to negotiating new disposal contracts with our partners.

We’re able to get cheaper rates due to the high volume of rubbish we deliver. This coupled with our reputation for delivering clean and well sorted rubbish means we can offer a cheaper pickup rate to our clients, it’s all a win win solution!

Rubbish Removal Near You

With some companies you’ll go through the selection process and decide on a supplier, only to later find out that they don’t make collections in your area! This is never the case with Junk King, if we say we pick up in your area then that’s what we do!

We send out the right sized trucks for the job at hand, so we’re able to negotiate around small streets and get in places that many others are not able to. Most of our trucks are loaded by hand, so we’ll pick up the rubbish no matter where it is located. We’ll collect rubbish from any premises!

Responsible Waste Disposal

At Junk King we are committed to our environmental responsibilities, this includes making sure that all the rubbish we collect is either recycled or sent to an ethically operated landfill site. We will sort through all the items we collect and make sure that everything that can be recycled will be.

We feel that it is important to limit most of the rubbish we collect going into landfill sites. It is with this ethical stance that we feel we are making a difference to the rubbish removal industry. Our operators are trained with the policies and needs of recycling centres in your area. We know how to properly sort rubbish so it can be recycled easily.

The services we offer and the prices that we charge are what sets us apart from many other rubbish removal companies operating in the Manly area. Call us today on 0410 808 723, and get your free obligation quote secured, we know you’ll be surprised by what we can do for you!

Manly Factoid

GWhen Governor Arthur Phillip began exploring the bays and coves of Sydney Harbour in January 1788, he commented on the physique of the Indigenous men who met him in their canoes and on the land. He called them strong and ‘manly’ and thereafter this cove was known as Manly.

Manly Beach is home to around 16,000 residents in 8,500 homes. Locals are on average younger than other areas on the Northern Beaches and Manly has grown to be a multicultural hub with large UK, European and South American communities. The small population hosts millions of visitors every year, drawn to the golden beaches and many natural attractions that Manly has to offer.Manly Rubbish Removal

Manly is the birthplace of Australian surfing, hosting the first ever World Surfing Championships in 1964. Both the Men’s and Women’s Championships were won by locals, Midge Farrelly and Phyllis O’Donnell. Manly is one of the world’s five Surfing Reserves with its consistent quality surf, rich surfing history, strong community support and a magnificent coastal environment.

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