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How to Dispose of Unwanted Chemicals

chemical waste

How to Dispose of Unwanted Chemicals

Unwanted chemicals can create hazardous situations for the environment and human beings as well if disposed of carelessly. Chemical waste originates from household use, pharmaceutical, medical, nuclear and other energy-producing establishments. To keep the environment safe and conducive for all living things, a number of steps on how to dispose of unwanted chemicals have been identified. 

Each of these disposal steps is determined by the type of chemical, and the amount of harm it can cause to the environment. 

Chemical waste can fall in the following types and how to dispose of them:

Types of Chemical Waste

  • Toxic

These types of chemical waste contain toxic elements that can be absorbed in the ground and cause underground water contamination.

  • Reactive

These are unstable chemical waste that can react with other substances when disposed or mixed with water causing explosions that can produce toxic gases, vapours, and fumes. 

  • Ignition

This type of chemical waste is highly flammable. They are spontaneously combustible or can create a fire when disposed of in a certain way. Most of these types of chemical waste have flashpoints that are less than 60 degrees Celsius.

  • Corrosive

These types of chemical waste have a PH level that is below 2 or above 12.5. They are highly corrosive, meaning they can corrode metal or cause skin irritation or burning.

Some common examples of chemical wastes include:

  • Batteries
  • Computer and electronic equipment
  • Items containing mercury
  • Pesticides
  • Aerosol cans
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Paints
  • Toner cartridges
  • Chemically contaminated syringes
  • Non-reusable gas cylinders
  • Used oils

Below are different ways of disposing of unwanted chemical wastes;

Methods of Disposal of Chemical Waste

  • Recycle

Before disposing of any type of chemical waste, the first step is to read instructions on the container to get to know if they react with any material. Thereafter, sort your waste into different categories. For items that can be recycled, keep them aside. You can either recycle the items yourself or hand them down to people who need them. 

For instance, instead of throwing away your mobile phone that you no longer use, you can give it out for charity to people who actually need it. However, while recycling, especially containers, make sure you clean them properly to avoid creating harmful solutions.

  • Find out what unwanted chemical waste collection facilities are in your local area

Instead of putting the hazardous chemical waste with your other trash, find out if there are special arrangements made in your local area to manage unwanted chemicals. Mostly, most companies offer to take in waste and dispose of it themselves, for instance, gas cylinder companies. 

If there is no arrangement to deal with unwanted chemical waste, contact your government officials for help.

  • Incineration

Incineration is a hazardous waste treatment process that involves burning waste in high temperatures. This method leads to the generation of toxic gases that can affect the environment. 

However, with current technology, there is more effective incineration waste treatment that reduces the number of gases released to the environment. It is also an effective method of waste treatment because burning large amounts of waste can help to generate energy. 

  • Drain all elements of the cans

Before throwing away aerosol cans with the rest of your household trash, put them upside down and spray the liquid into an absorbent material such as sponge, towel or rag. Make sure the can has lost all its pressure then wrap it with a newspaper before throwing it in with the rest of your household waste. 

  • Contact a local trash disposal company

In case you are not sure how to dispose of certain unwanted chemical waste, then contact local rubbish disposal companies. They will help to remove the unwanted chemical waste from your home and dispose of it properly without causing harm to the environment. Such companies charge a fee for their services. 

Conduct thorough research and read reviews online before picking a specific company. In addition, make sure they are geared towards preserving the environment by having responsible disposal methods. 

Throwing unwanted chemical waste to a landfill is the most irresponsible way, yet most common among people. These chemicals sip into the underground water or get washed into the ocean, causing harm to marine life and human beings. 

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