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#1 Clutter Removal Services

#1 Clutter Removal Services

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Clutter is probably the absolute downside of our current society, and getting rid of it, when you have that long overdue clean out, can be a nightmare. With smaller and smaller council bins and hard rubbish long gone, you’ll be stuck with all the clutter forever! Well not when you give Junk King a call, we are the clutter disposal experts!

Clutter is one of those things that some companies don’t like to take away, but we are here to help you clean out your house and we are willing to clear away anything that you need (with some exceptions as a few items need specialist solutions).

If your home has been destroyed by tenants that have left a giant mess behind as they bailed on their responsibilities. We are here for support and aid in getting the home you have looked after for many years back to the state that it should be in. We can clear the garbage left behind and give you that clean slate to start with again.

Perhaps a relative has passed and they spent the final years of their happy life collecting all sorts of items because it reminded them of a different time. While it may have had some value to them, it has little value to anyone else and it needs to be cleared away. Our clutter removal specialists are very sensitive in these times and will be in and out before you know it.

Sometimes the council won’t agree with your lifestyle and force people to clean out their homes and gardens. It can be difficult to part with so many items, but it comes to a time when it’s either the items you have collected or the home you live in, and well something needs to give. Working with us you can be sure that we will give all we can to collect your items and dispose of them swiftly so you can make easier decisions. In these cases it may be easier to mark the items you want kept and then we can take care of the rest – when you talk with one of our experts we can take you through the process and assist you in your time of need.

Same Day Clutter Removal

It is especially important  with clutter that it be taken away quickly, and this is why we offer our same day service. Even though it has been designated as clutter we understand that it may hold some sentimental value to the owner, and this is why we feel that getting stuck in and removing the materials as fast as possible is better. It’s like the band-aid solution – one fast yank, instead of a slow drawn out tear.

When you book in for clutter removal, you can choose a date that suits and we will be there on time to assess your load and give you the final no obligation quote. From that point you can either choose to go ahead with the removal or decide not to have your items removed from your property. It is a hundred percent up to you.

We are proud of our same day service and it is written into our business guidelines, you can be sure that we will never let you down, and we’ll be there when we say we will!

Same Day Clutter Removal

We pride ourselves on offering the cheapest clutter removal possible. Working with our disposal services, we are able to consolidate many jobs into one and receive a bulk dunpage discount. Then we can take those savings and offer cheap services to our clients.

We consistently are looking for ways to improve our services, and cheap disposal services are a key to that business goal. Often recycling is much cheaper than taking items to landfill. The only problem with recycling is that it needs to be sorted properly, we have trained our workers to sort through clutter quickly and get it loaded in the proper manner.

Clutter Removal in Sydney, Melbourne & Canberra

Our clutter removal services are available in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. We are a full city service, and you can book in for a pick up if you live in any of these cities.

We have settled on Sydney. Melbourne and Canberra because we feel that these cities are under serviced in the clutter removal service system. There needs to be better representation, and better services made available.

We are working in the suburbs and the city centres, our trucks are capable of maneuvering around tight roads in the inner cities, and not too big that they can fit down many modern suburban streets. Loads are fully covered to keep everything in check and not making a mess as we take away all of your clutter.

Responsible Clutter Disposal

We make every effort to get your clutter sorted and disposed of responsibly. We do this by recycling what we are able to. In the event that your clutter needs more than one truck load taken away, we will separate the clutter into groups, to make it easier to recycle.

If the clutter to be disposed of is contaminated – usually if organic items have mixed with paper and cardboard neither of them can be recycled. Then unfortunately it will need to go to a landfill.

We will try our absolute best to keep the clutter from going directly to landfill, after all it is usually cheaper to recycle, and if we can save you some money on the removal then we will!

Why You Should Hire the Junk King to Collect Your Clutter

We consider ourselves a premium rubbish removal company and we specialise in clutter disposal in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. We will do the job on time and with ease.

We offer same-day, affordable & reliable rubbish removal. Call Us for a quote 0410 808 723.

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