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#1 Electronic & eWaste Removal & Disposal Services

#1 Electronic & eWaste Removal & Disposal Services

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Much like with furniture, the ready availability of inexpensive electronics these days means that we can constantly update our appliances and gadgets to the latest and greatest. Whether it’s a television, Xbox, PlayStation, computer, iPad, sound system, microwave, kitchen appliance, or any other type of electronic device, we’re always looking to keep up-to-date.

The flip-side of our propensity to buy new electronic devices is that we are suddenly laden with a junkyard of eWaste in our homes and offices. What do we do with all these things? Rather than stack them in your garage, or in the back of a cupboard somewhere where they take up valuable space and collect dust, we can help you dispose of your electronic waste in an environmentally responsible way.

JUNK KING provides same day electronic and eWaste removal & disposal services across Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra for both residential houses and commercial businesses, and all at an affordable price.

Same Day Electronic Waste Removal

Not only can electronic waste clutter up your home or office, it can also be a potential fire hazard. Rather than continuing to store unwanted electronic devices in your house, garage or workplace, the best and safest solution is to dispose of them responsibly.

JUNK KING offers a same day electronic and eWaste removal and disposal service so we can get rid of your electronic junk sooner, rather than later. We know everyone leads busy lives, so our friendly team members will commit to a window of time for their arrival at your home or business, and will make sure they stick to it.

Whether you’re packing up to move house, upgrading some of your electronic appliances, having a spring clean out or simply trying to make your home or office as safe and clutter-free as possible, JUNK KING offers an efficient, same day eWaste removal service that you can rely on.

Cheap Prices On Electronic (eWaste) Rubbish Removal

Unlike some of the other junk that you are getting rid of, old electronic devices and appliances are not something that you can just throw out with your regular rubbish. So how can you dispose of electronics in a safe, responsible and easy way without spending a fortune?

JUNK KING offers cheap and reliable electronic and eWaste removal and disposal services across Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra. By using our company, you can be assured that your electronic waste will be disposed of in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Whether you have a couple of small electronic appliances, or a garage jam packed-full of eWaste collected over many years we can remove and dispose of it for you. And while we are at it, we can take other unwanted items away for you at the same time such as furniture, documents, household goods, garden waste and more. Call us today and we can give you a price estimation. Our quotes are obligation-free so you are welcome to change your mind right up until when we start the job.

Electronic Waste Removal in Sydney, Melbourne & Canberra

We like to go above and beyond to keep our customers happy, so we don’t limit our services to one specific area. We can provide eWaste removal services across the suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

If your residence or business is based in any of these three capital cities, we can help you free your home and office from any unwanted electronic clutter today, or whenever you are ready. From fridges, dishwashers and flat screen televisions to mobile phones, laptops and chargers, we can remove electronic waste both big and small. Our drivers are out and about every day so give us a call and we can arrange an appointment.

Responsible Electronic Waste Disposal

With the fast paced advancement of technology, the volume of electronic waste being thrown out each year is not looking like slowing down anytime soon. So how do we make sure we dispose of our eWaste in the most environmentally friendly and safest way possible?

Electronic devices can be a potential fire-hazard and can contain toxic materials that can be harmful if they are released into the environment, so it is even more important to take care when disposing of any unwanted electronics. Most people are also very keen on recycling where they can, but with electronic items it’s harder to know what can be recycled and how to recycle it. That’s where JUNK KING can help.

With our expertise in providing electronic and eWaste disposal services, we will take every opportunity to recycle where we can and dispose of anything else in a safe and responsible way. We know it is important that everyone plays their part in caring for the beautiful world that we live in, and working in our industry we have many opportunities to do this. At JUNK KING we make looking after our planet a priority.

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