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Why Conscious Disposal should be Practised in Melbourne

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Why Conscious Disposal should be Practised in Melbourne

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Production of waste happens everywhere, every single time. To be honest, the problem is not the production but the disposal. Disposal of waste is a very serious matter that needs urgent attention. Basically, we all need to dispose of waste consciously. So why is responsible/conscious disposal of waste so important? This is the question we are going to answer here. To make this a bit easier, we will focus mainly on the city of Melbourne in Australia. 


Therefore, here is why conscious disposal should be practised in Melbourne.


Prevents the Growth and Spread of Diseases Away


Waste materials, especially food items, tend to rot when they are thrown away. This is an excellent thing when in the right place, for instance, a compost heap. The issue comes in when they are improperly thrown away. Let us take, for example, waste thrown in the middle of the estate pathway. Such a place can easily become a breeding place for bacteria. Once people come into contact with bacteria, health issues begin. Within a short period, people may contract all kinds of infections and diseases.


Reducing Demand For Raw Materials


Responsible disposal also involves methods like reusing and recycling rubbish. Focusing specifically on recycling, it helps in reducing the demand for raw materials. This is because things are no longer made from scratch. In essence, the waste items thrown away are what is collected and used as raw materials to make new items. 


Keeps Rodents Away


Conscious disposal should be practised in Melbourne to keep rodents away. When rubbish is thrown carelessly, it will collect in places it is not supposed to. Rodents like rats and moles will take advantage of this and make such areas their homes. It may also become breeding areas for such animals. Now imagine having such rodents around residential areas, it would cause a lot of havoc.


Protects People From Bodily Harm


Sometimes, people want to dispose of sharp objects. Sharp objects can be in the form of broken window panes, pieces of glass bottles, or knives. Injections and blades from hospitals are also sharp objects. Of course, we cannot forget workshop tools like saws and scissors. Such items need to be handled and disposed of properly. Failure to do so may injury/cause bodily harm to innocent civilians.


To preserve Sea Life


The land is not the only place where irresponsible waste disposal happens. Sometimes, people just collect rubbish and throw it in the water bodies like seas and oceans. This is totally wrong. This is because it results in the pollution of the oceans and seas. In turn, this leads to the death of marine life. Therefore, to avoid all this, conscious methods of disposal should be implemented.


For the Protection of Our Soils


Protecting the land and soil of Melbourne is very important. For one, if an area has well-maintained and unpolluted soil, plants flourish. This will then lead to an increase in food production. All of these things can quickly be taken away if we are not careful about how we dispose of rubbish.


Here is how this happens. Let us take an example of heavy metals. When you throw away heavy metals carelessly, they leach into the soil. The leached metals then interfere with the microbial processes. This then leads to a decrease in the activity and number of soil micro-organisms.


A decrease in the number and activity of micro-organisms affects the soil in two main ways. One, there will be no collection and conversion of nutrients from the soil organic matter. Furthermore, there will be no continuous life cycles of micro-organisms. Here we are talking about life, reproduction, and death. If this happens, the soil fertility will decrease immensely.




As we have seen, being careless and irresponsible about the disposal of waste can really cost us. That is why we all need to adopt conscious methods of disposing of waste. A good place to start would be through hiring Junk King. 


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