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#1 Appliances Removal & Disposal Services

#1 Appliances Removal & Disposal Services

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It is naive to group appliance removal and disposal in the category of general waste clearing. The task of removing old appliances cannot be taken lightly, nor palmed off to an inexperienced contractor. Appliance removal requires a degree of finesse and training that many waste removal companies simply do not have.

They may promise the world, but you may well find yourself disappointed in the ultimate result. At Junk King we have extensive experience removing old appliances. Not only can we ensure a smooth removal process with no damage to your home and surroundings, we also pride ourselves on sustainable and environmentally friendly disposal of your appliances. Core to our business is executing all services we provide at the highest standard possible. We value our customers and aim to make what can be an anxiety inducing process, seamless and stress free.

Same Day Appliance Removal

Call us crazy, but we know that sometimes life gets in the way and there isn’t much time to plan appliance removal. Perhaps you’ve impulsively bought a new property or quickly need to vacate your rental, we understand that the need to remove appliances can arise very very quickly. That’s why at Junk King we go above and beyond for our customers and can offer same day appliance removal.

With bedded down processes, we can quickly be called upon to cater to your needs in as efficient a time frame as possible. We bring a standard of professionalism to our service that you will be challenged to find elsewhere in the waste removal market. From quick turnaround times and prompt responses, we are pleased to offer our clients same day appliance removal, a service that sets us apart from our competitors.

Cheap Prices On Appliance Removal

There are many providers in the appliance removal game that promise the world, only to deliver a substandard service.  When a waste clearing business promotes their cheap prices on appliance removal it is of the utmost importance to ensure that their cheap prices do not equate to a low quality service. Junk King is an anomaly when it comes to appliance removal companies.

We can provide not only a high quality service, but also cheap prices and a below market rate. We understand the limitations of our customers when it comes to price. Perhaps appliance removal is the first step in a larger renovation project, and your budget designated to appliance removal is small. We appreciate this, and as such work hard to provide an efficient, high standard service. How can we offer such cheap prices you may wonder, at Junk King we have taken the time to make our processes as efficient and cost effective as possible, which is why we can pass on these efficiencies to our valued customers.

Appliances Removals Across Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra

Often companies that offer appliance removal services are very prescriptive as to the areas they will visit. In fact, in some instances they will limit their offering to a few select suburbs. At Junk King we take a broad approach to appliance removal, we offer appliances removals across Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

We find that our clients, who may require our services across multiple properties in multiple cities and suburbs value the breadth of our offering. Sure it would be simpler for us to focus on a few specific suburbs, but we pride ourselves on catering to all of our customer needs and feel it is important that we can undertake appliance removals across multiple cities.

Responsible Appliance Disposal

At Junk King we are highly environmentally conscious. To say we are passionate about protecting the environment is an understatement. One of our core values is to ensure our appliance disposal practices are as sustainable and green as possible. To start with, our passion for appliance removal itself is because in helping our customers to remove old appliances and upgrade to newer, more eco-friendly and energy efficient appliances we know we are playing a significant part in helping to minimise society’s carbon footprint. But all of that saving is redundant if the utmost care is not taken in ensuring the appliance disposal process is eco-friendly and sustainable. We can’t stand the thought of old appliances being thrown into landfill. As such, we ensure that our appliances are disposed of in line with Government best practice for recycling and waste removal. We all need to play our part to improve the global environment which is why at Junk King we go above and beyond to ensure that all of our services get the green tick of approval.

To call our service best in class does not do them justice. From our eco-friendly processes to our same day removal service, we offer everything our competitors do and more. Don’t be caught with a sub standard contractor that does not deliver the results you deserve. Trust Junk King for all of your old appliance removal needs. We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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